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"The North Canterbury Lights" Photo Competition


Enter for the Mainpower "North Canterbury Lights" Photo Competition! 


The competition is open to anyone who would like to show their appreciation for places in North Canterbury, with a focus on what makes the region such a great place to live and using the “North Canterbury Lights” as inspiration! 


HOW TO ENTER: To submit a photo for entry in the competition, you must email your photo(s) with a description to Please use Photo Competition in the subject line. Multiple entries may be made to a max of 5 photos.


PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: The photo(s) must meet reasonable standards of decency. Event organiser has the sole discretion to determine whether or not a photo meets these requirements. A description must be included in the email, and all photos must be either JPG or PNG format.

There is a Youth and Adult category so please let us know whether you are Under 16 to be incl as part of the Youth Category.

Finalists will have their work showcased in the North Canterbury News!

Deadline 1 OCtober. 


Night Lights Photo Competition - in addition to our popular North Canterbury Lights photo competition, we are also running a Night Lights Competition. So get out your camera or phone on the night of the festival (22 & 23 Sep) and take some amazing shots of all the lights, why not try some special effects!


To enter you can tag us in on facebook, tag using the hashtag  #rangioralightfestival on instagram, or email us at and be in to win!

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